Member Details

The list below gives phone contact detail and email address used for evernote.

name phone number email
Julien Michel 07929327084 mail@julienmichel.net
Antonia Mey 07725853429 abraxas334@hotmail.com
Joan Clark Nicolas 07470165526 joan.clark88@gmail.com
Lisa Patrick 07984571464 l_patrick86@hotmail.com
Maria Kouridaki 07517599991 mariakour96@gmail.com
Michail Papadourakis 07849333228 s1771676@ed.ac.uk
Sofia Bariami 07437160692 sofia.bariami@ed.ac.uk
Jenke Scheen j.scheen@sms.ed.ac.uk
Juliette Fenogli fenogli@gmail.com
Adele Hardie 07376356868 s1512291@ed.ac.uk